North American Award Center is a global leader in sponsoring contests by mail, inviting entrants to challenge themselves with puzzles and games. For nearly two decades, North American Award Center has offered entrants the opportunity to win significant cash prizes with an unprecedented, no-risk guarantee. North American Award Center and its affiliate companies have paid nearly 6 million dollars in cash and prizes to contest winners, with grand prizes reaching as high as 15,000 dollars. In addition to runner-up prizes, North American Award Center also offers tiebreaker and bonus rounds.

North American Award Center makes every effort to satisfy customers. The members of the customer service department at North American Award Center participate in frequent management meetings and maintain an active phone number and mailing address in North Kansas City, Missouri, to receive comments and answer inquiries. North American Award Center also promises to honor the requests of customers who would like their information to remain private and does not share their information with advertisers or mailing lists. North American Award Center has strict rules against selling customer information to telemarketers.

North American Award Center protects the best interests of contest participants by monitoring contest entries to identify players who misunderstand contest rules or struggle with overspending. To ensure that all entrants of North American Award Center contests have an opportunity to win, there is a limit on total earnings. North American Award Center takes pride in its solid business ethics and offers contests that are true games of skill, unlike a sweepstakes or lottery where the winners are determined by chance drawings.


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